Partnership Requirements Checklist

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Seed & Bean Market prides itself on transparency and partnering with highly reputable companies. We feel that it is important to inform you that our shelf space is very valuable and highly sought after.

In order to appropriately choose the brands and products to fill our space, if/when available, we would like to initially inform you of our standard policies for potential business partnerships.  

Seed & Bean Market requires the following be completed and submitted online before consideration,

  • all CBD products are third party tested and that the test results are easily available for both our staff and our customers
  • 50% of the MSRP
  • full product guide with the wholesale prices
  • lead time
  • order quantity and case count
  • marketing opportunities offered by your company (online, social media, etc.)

We are generally fairly conservative with the first few orders and expect price breaks as we ramp up the business partnership. 

If all the above meets our standards, we will then ask for samples to test the product(s), supplier, lab test availability, etc. When sending samples, we ask that they are sent to our corporate office, C3 Investment Group US 2310 First St suite 306, Fort Myers, FL 33901.

Thank you again for reaching out to the Seed & Bean Market family!

    Partnership Requirements Checklist

    Third Party Tested AND are readily available for customers and staff50% of the MSRP with the full product guidesBuy Back ProgramMarketing opportunities (valuable content they have created that we can share, online store finder, displays, photos, etc.)

    Wholesale product info

    Upload Additional Documents(If any)

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