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MAKU – 1000MG


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A hearty dose of life-enhancing hemp oil can make all the difference between a lousy day and a great day. Support your overall health—mental and physical—by giving your body a boost of CBD in this pure, powerful, all-natural, 3rd party lab-tested, easy to absorb, and fast-acting elixir.    


pesticide-free | vegan | non-GMO

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Suggested Use

Understandably, many people are cautious about dosing CBD oil. Because the product is dispensed with a dropper, it can be challenging to find the right dose. Without a reference daily intake (RDI) to guide dosing, you have to find the right dose yourself. In order to find the right dose, you’ll need to understand the strength or potency of your CBD oil product, and the volume of your dropper.

Check the Maku label for an indication in milligrams of how much CBD is present per unit volume. For example, Maku offers elixirs in 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg strengths.

One full dropper contains around 1mL of oil, and 1mL contains about 10 drops. Based on this, you can calculate the amount of CBD in your dose by relating the number of drops per mL and the CBD per mL. To get an idea of the recommended oral dose, it’s a good idea to read the label on the bottle and follow the dosage instructions. WARNING: math below!

CBD affects everyone differently, which means that dosage is going to differ from person to person. This has to do with genetic differences in our liver enzymes. When using CBD for the first time, it’s important to start low and go slow. This means you should start with a very small dose and wait to see if you feel the effects. You can slowly increase your dose over time until you feel the effects are working well for you. While you cannot physically overdose on CBD, studies show that increased CBD consumption does not actually correlate with stronger effects. It’s important to find which dosage works best for you, and understand that your optimal dosage will differ from others’ optimal dosage.

If there are 60 servings, and a single serving is 0.5 mL, that means there are 30mL in the bottle.

Total mg CBD/Total mL bottle = 1000mg CBD/30mL = 33.3 mg CBD/mL

0.5 mL (dropper) * 33.3 mg CBD/mL = 16.65mg CBD per half dropper

2500mg CBD/30mL = 83.3 mg CBD/mL

0.5mL (dropper) * 83.3 mg CBD/mL = 41.7mg CBD per half dropper

5000mg CBD/30mL = 166.6 mg CBD/mL

0.5mL (dropper) * 166.6mg CBD/mL = 83.3mg CBD per half dropper


CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil

fractionated coconut oil

less than 0.3% THC


Active CBD

1000mg Elixir

serving size: 0.05mL (half dropper) – 16.7mg CBD

servings per container: 60

container size: 30mL (1oz)