Seed and Bean Market cultivated into reality in 2018 in Ft. Myers, Florida after five founders who had been in the Cannabis industry for years discovered their passion for the benefits of CBD, enjoying a solid cup of coffee, unique foods and beers and giving others a comfortable lifestyle destination.

We are here to help guide you & educate you on your journey to a more balanced lifestyle.

Seed and Bean is the first CBD Marketplace of its kind and while we are innovators in the marketplace with an awesome niche we are dedicated to offering only the highest quality and tested products, creating a chill atmosphere, making sure our customers become part of our family and  imploring  or philosophy of giving back and becoming part of the fabric of  our communities. After all our communities are what make our Nation.

The CBD industry is growing and constantly changing and while it may seem difficult to know what product is best for you, we are here to help guide you and educate you on your journey to a more balance lifestyle.