Buying a gallon of wine could soon be legal in Florida. Currently, it is illegal to sell a container of that size.

There are about 25 ounces in a standard bottle of wine. A new bill will allow vendors to sell 128 ounces of wine, which is a one-gallon jug.

Selling that much now in Florida is punishable by a $500 fine and 60 days in prison, which is what lawmakers want to repeal.

House Bill 6073 would allow wine in any size container.

That’s not the only booze bill in Tallahassee right now. Lawmakers also want to allow legally ordering a cocktail to go.

The to-go cocktail began during the pandemic. Business owner, Cole Peacock, want to keep the cocktails flowing.

“When they did the alcohol to go whether beer or cocktails that just added revenues that most people wouldn’t have had, myself included,” said Cole Peacock.

This bill would allow bars and restaurants to deliver drinks.

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