Seed & Bean Market of C3 (Caloosahatchee Cannabis Company) shows Florida’s Director of Cannabis, Holly Bell, how they have created a cannabis community in Southwest Florida.

Seed & Bean Market of C3 (Caloosahatchee Cannabis Company), spent the day with Florida’s Director of Cannabis, Holly Bell! Co-founder of Seed & Bean Market, C3 and member of the Florida Hemp Advisory Committee, Cole Peacock, gave Holly Bell a lab tour, and participated in the Lee County Bar Luncheon. This public luncheon, “Hemp: The legal and economic ramifications,” gave members of the community, those in the industry and the legal community the opportunity to ask and answer questions on the budding hemp industry.

Holly Bell was asked about how she is implementing regulations to an already existing industry.

“The genie was out of the bottle before I got here a year ago, stores were already open, people were already selling it. Reality is realty, so, common sense, how do we go about regulating an industry that is already up and running?” Holly explained.

She goes on to explain that the program conducts inspections, gives feedback and a 30 day deadline for any corrections to be made before another inspection.

When the panel was asked about keeping consumers safe, Holly answered “We chose to set a gold standard here.” Cole answered with Seed & Bean Market’s approach on ensuring safety for our customers and trust within the community, “We only carry tested products from the most reputable companies.”

“If you buy a product from our store on that bottle, on that case of whatever [CBD product] you’re buying, it is going to have a QR code that typically takes you to your lab testing, its going to tell you the ingredients that are there, it’s going to have the organic seal of approval” Cole explained.

This event was very successful in its purpose of educating the members of the community on the industry, how regulations are being implemented and how the budding hemp industry has much to offer. Seed & Bean Market would like to thank Holly Bell for giving us the opportunity to show her how we have created a wonderful and trusted cannabis community in SWFL.

Holly Bell, Florida’s Director of Cannabis checking out the shop with Cole Peacock, Co-founder of Seed & Bean Market.

Creating Better Days team at the ‘Hemp: The legal and economic ramifications’ luncheon with co-founder Cole Peacock.