You wanted hemp healthy to-go items and we delivered! Our wonderful Head Chef, Tika Saunders, created Seed & Bean Market’s most popular bakery item, Hemp Granola Bites! Try our Hemp Granola Bites instore and take some home for your friends and family, now available in a discounted package of 6!

Seed & Bean Market uses only high quality ingredients like all natural, organic and American produced protein powder in our Hemp Granola Bites. Yes, the Hemp Granola Bites are also made with protein powder! Our Hemp Granola Bites are healthy enough for breakfast and tasty enough for desert.  Bring them to your next meeting for some extra brownie points or gift them at your next party. No matter what the occasion, our Hemp Granola Bites will satisfy your hunger, your sweet tooth and help you reach your hemp health goals.

“They’re fun to make, they’re simple, they’re delicious, they’re good for you and you can only get these here at the Seed & Bean Market” says Chef, Tika Saunders.

Seed & Bean Market is Florida’s First Cannabis Café and CBD Marketplace! Seed & Bean Market is also the only Cannabis Café currently awarded Fresh from Florida from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services certification program. We take pride in providing our customers the highest quality, most delicious and wonderful experience from our incredible menu to our one of a kind CBD retail selection online and instore!

That is why we began making Hemp Granola Bites. Hemp Granola Bites have been flying off the shelves, prompting us to increase production and also offer them in discounted packages of 6. Hemp Granola Bites contain hemp hearts, protein powder, granola and more health conscious ingredients to create the perfect healthy and tasty treat. Seed & Bean Market is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellness lifestyle goals and our Hemp Granola Bites are the perfect go-to snack! Stop by Seed & Bean Market to try our Hemp Granola Bites, today!

Chef Tika Saunders says “Everybody loves them, I suggest you come try them. They’re tasty!” 

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