What is CBD for those who haven’t tried it?

So the easiest, simplest way to describe CBD for us: it is like taking a natural form of Aspirin or Advil. It goes into the receptors of your body and pinpoints the areas that need either stress reduction or that may need some pain relief. 

We aren’t making a medical claim in any capacity, as CBD affects everybody differently.

So should I try CBD?

I think you should try CBD as an alternative and see if it works for you as the individual.  You can consult with your doctors, you can consult with your chiropractor. If you have a pet, you can consult with your veterinarian. What really is the integral part of this is what works for the individual. Some CBD components may work very well for you. Some may not. Some people may swear by it, others may not. What I can tell you is that the ones who use it and it works, it really works for them.

So CBD doesn’t get you “high”. How does that work?

It does not. It comes out of the hemp plant which comes from a different different strain than the marijuana plant (which has higher THC levels).

You have CBD and THC as the two main active components in marijuana. While there is a trace amount of THC in properly extracted CBD products, it is not supposed to get above the legal limit of 0.3%, which is what is federally required in the Farm Bill. CBD does not have the psychoactive side that THC offers from marijuana.

Are there different ways to take CBD products?

There’s a ton of different ways you can take CBD products. You can take them in tincture/oil form, use gummies or other treats, bath bombs, and even capsules with CBD inside of them to match your daily supplement routine. A lot of those varieties come the same way for your pets!

So there’s a variety of ways to use it and really, like we said before: the best way to use CBD is what best fits the individual.

Is CBD safe for my pet?

CBD has been proven to be a safe alternative for pets. People say it has a lot of the same effects that pharmaceutical medications have out there on your pet. But again, each pet is different and it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before using any new products.

What is the best way to take CBD?

You know it kind of comes down to the individual and that’s pretty much like anything else out there: Some people like wine, some people like beer, and some like both. 

I will tell you from personal experience, what I have found to be the most effective for me is to focus on the certain areas of my body that are in pain or causing discomfort. That could be my knee, my lower back, my elbow, my neck, etc.

Then I look at a product that is localized for that ailment, for example I may strain something from a workout and use Mary’s Muscle Freeze. Outside of that, I’ve found the best approach for me is through vaping CBD in a cartridge. My wife you know, leans more towards tinctures so that she can drop a few into her mouth and go about her day.

What should I look for when purchasing CBD products?

You should look for the fact that it is organic, that it has been tested and then it’s been tested more than once and that it comes from a “pilot approved state”. Especially with the regulations that are coming out across the US and in particular states. If you’re looking at those three main categories, you should have a safe product.

You should also pay attention to where it’s manufactured, and where the source of that of the hemp is coming from.

Will I fail a drug test if I’m taking CBD?

You should not fail a drug test using approved CBD. Again, if you’re using proper CBD and it’s gone through the proper testing, and it’s got the legal THC percentage you should be perfectly fine.

If you are taking CBD that you can’t really source accurately and may have bought it somewhere that is not a trusted place, we can’t speak to that.

Where can I buy high-quality CBD online?

Your in the right place! CLICK HERE to browse our online store of trusted CBD Brands.