Seed & Bean Market is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellness lifestyle goals. Kaylie Beech, one of PureNative Premium Hemp Extract’s ambassadors, has shared her CBD wellness routine with us in efforts to promote the many benefits of CBD!

Kaylie Beech stays busy as a yoga instructor, Nutritionist, Shaklee business owner, and studying for her NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) to be a personal trainer! Kaylie uses CBD products for a variety of different things to keep her going, stress free with her busy schedule and active lifestyle.


Rise n’ shine! Kaylie starts her day by stopping by her favorite marketplace for a Chaga Ccino with a shot of CBD! Seed & Bean Market adds a shot of PureNative Water Soluble CBD to any beverage upon order. 

“It’s tasty like a treat but naturally sweetened with superfood ingredients to wake me up both physically and mentally.” 

Available at Seed & Bean Market, Chaga Ccino’s are made with ingredients to support immunity, promote anti-aging, boost your energy without the jitters. Add a shot of CBD and to take it to the next level!

CBD in coffee is an easy way to consume CBD quickly and deliciously! Many people prefer to use CBD with their coffee each morning to alleviate the jitters that might come from caffeine.

PureNative’s Water Soluble is 850mg of Nano-CBD Drops for fast-acting absorption in water-based products such as coffee, tea, mimosas or bloody mary’s!

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From yoga to running to circuit training, Kaylie lives a very active lifestyle that leaves her needing an extra boost! PureNative Beverage Enhancers contains three of the eight B Vitamins which are commonly known as the “energy vitamins.” B Vitamins are essential in producing energy through converting and metabolizing the proteins, fats and carbohydrates you eat into a source of energy for your body.

“I’m always on the go so I keep a PureNative Beverage Enhancer to keep me going throughout the day while I teach and practice yoga.” 

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cbdMD Recover is a great CBD topical designed to alleviate muscle soreness and joint pain. Seed & Bean Market offers many topicals in store and online to help our customers feel and be their best. 

“I use the cbdMD Recover to help alleviate muscle soreness as needed throughout the day and before bed so that I don’t feel sore and stiff.”

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Seed & Bean Market has expanded their menu and extended their hours for dinner! During a limited time promotion, Seed & Bean Market is offering a free bottle of wine with the purchase of 2 dinner entrees. 

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Visit our CBD Associate, Megan, for CBD Consultations to help choose the right CBD products for you.

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After a long day, Kaylie uses CBD and melatonin infused gummies from PureNative to help her fall asleep and stay asleep. These gummies are a best seller at Seed & Bean Market both in store and online!

“If I don’t take PureNative CBD and Melatonin Gummies before bed, I wake up throughout the night.”

PureNative CBD and Melatonin Gummies contain 10mg of nano-emulsified CBD and 2.5 mg of melatonin to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Nano emulsified CBD: Nano emulsified CBD is the process of breaking CBD molecules down into a much smaller form to increase the efficiency of the products delivery into your body and endocannabinoid system.

Try these gummies for a good nights sleep to fuel your busy and active lifestyle with Kaylie!

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